We are discontinuing the Anubis and Wepawet services.

Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to maintain these tools and improve them to match an ever-changing malware landscape.

The creators of Anubis and Wepawet have created a company, Lastline, Inc., whose products provide malware analysis and countermeasure capabilities to enterprises of all sizes.

You can check out the solutions by Lastline, which include both malware analysis and URL analysis tools, at www.lastline.com, or by sending an email to info@lastline.com.

We are planning to continue the development and maintenance of Andrubis, our sandbox to analyze Android applications. Please send an email to andrubis@iseclab.org for any questions or check this page back later for news!

We thank all of you for being loyal users of our services, and for supporting us over the many years.

Please do come and talk to us at the next conference! You can find us at academic venues like IEEE Security & Privacy, NDSS, USENIX Security, or ACM CCS, and industry conferences like Blackhat, DEFCON, or RSA.

If you have any questions, please send an email to wepawet@cs.ucsb.edu or anubis@cs.ucsb.edu.